Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s classes were amazing!

This past weekend, Kept Creations hosted Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and all I can say is WOW!  

Everyone had a creatively fantastic time.  We started Friday night with an Art Foamies Workshop.  Check it out:

On Saturday, 18 ladies took on Whitman and started sketching different buildings and parts of our wonderful town park.  Julie did such a great job teaching them to sketch, some of the ladies have already messaged me to tell me they continued sketching throughout Sunday.   And the sketches were amazing!!  The ladies loved learning from Julie. Her bubbly personality really shines through.  And this lady knows her stuff!!

On Sunday, the last day Julie taught us about adding in additional pages, flips, flaps, pockets.  This was so amazing cool, I was inspired and thought of a bunch of things I want to do in my art journal.   And I didn’t take the class, I just heard some of what was going on.  Did I mention this lady knows her stuff?  Yah!! And she’s so inspiring.  It just flows off her.  

We loved having you, Julie!  We hope you’ll find time in your busy schedule to come back!  Absolutely wonderfully creative classes.  Inspiring!  #balzerdesigns #keptcreations