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Storefront view of Kept Creations

Kept Creations is located at:

15 South Avenue

Unit 2

Whitman, MA 02382



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The Home of Kept Creations

Kept Creations is located at 15 South Ave in Whitman, MA!!!! This photo is taken from the parking lot next to Dunkin Donuts! Yup, Dunkin Donuts is right across the street! And three buildings to the left of us? MaryLou’s Coffee! We will be all wired up and ready to craft at Kept Creations!


Kept Creations is easy to get to!

Kept Creations Aerial View 2

In this aerial view you can see Route 18 on the left and Kept Creations location on the right! Stop and Shop is just South of the view above. This map is completely located in Whitman, MA.


From Rte 24: Exit 16A on MA-106E. Continue East 8 miles to
Spring Street in East Bridgewater. Turn left on Spring Street.
Continue 4 miles on MA-18N. Turn Right onto MA-27S in Whitman.
From Rte 3: Exit 16B on MA-18S. Continue South about 8 miles.
Turn left on MA-27S in Whitman.
From Rte 27: Once in Whitman, follow MA-27S to Whitman center,
about 3/4 mile. Kept Creations is located in Whitman center on Rte
27, across from Dunkin Donuts.

Check us out from the side!

keptsideThe street to the left of the building is Church Street. When you come to visit, you can park in front of the building on the street, across the street next to Dunkin Donuts or behind the building in our large parking lot.
Can you see MaryLou’s right down the street!! (hint: it has a pink awning!) Right next door to us is a Thai restaurant, Thai for All Seasons. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner!

Plenty of Parking!

Rear Parking LogIf you take a right onto Church Street from South Ave (Rte 27) you will drive down the side of Kept Creations. Park in any of the 55+ parking spaces in the rear of the building and come on in through the back door!Looking for an All American lunch or Dinner? How about a full service bar? Head on over across the street to McGuiggan’s Pub. You can see it in this photo, it’s the white building to the right of the brick one across the street.

Bird’s Eye View! Plenty of parking!


Looking to stop and eat before or after coming to Kept Creations? We have lots to choose from! There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts across the street and a Marylou’s Coffee a few buildings down but we also have several different choices for you within walking distance of the store:


Trio Cafe – Sit and Eat or Take Out – AWESOME panini’s! – Highly recommended!

McGuiggan’s Pub – Sit and Eat or Take Out – Full bar!
Supreme Pizza – Sit and Eat or Take Out
Thai For All Seasons – Sit and Eat or Take Out – right next door!
Ted’s Place – Great place to sit for breakfast!
Uncle David’s – Looking for a burger – try here!
Venus Cafe – Sit and Eat or Take Out – Best Bar Pizza Around!